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Managing Designers Like Students…

Edit: This does not apply to ALL designers, but it does apply to some that I have met and spoke too, I have also fixed some typos and cleared up some statements.

Managing designers is not easy, some are quiet, some rant and rave, and some are actually pretty good. It can be a fickle thing designer management as personalities are varied. Recently I have had the opportunity to catch up and chat with a few designers that I have worked 2-3 years ago with during their final year at university. Now its seems many designers including myself seem to go through a phase that we loose the energy we had at school and become a little tired, disillusioned, and slightly psychotic even!

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Theories behind Japanese Design

Aen, the guy who banged out the design of this site has an interesting write up of the theories behind the Japanese approach to design and aesthetics.

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Designers Suck?

No they don’t suck, but my wife might say otherwise with me! Bruce Nussbaum, of Business Week fame, decided that “designers suck” during his recent presentation at Parsons New School of Design.

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