Blog Meme Participants, all Some Get Scared and Run For The Hills

Edit: Amended the title to be more factually correct!

Cornering the link market some say, “counterfeit links” others mention…recently I wrote of the 2000 project that started slowly, gained a lot of momentum, and then just like the darlings of any stock market it fell from grace when the people who write the blogging rules stepped in and started slapping wrists.

I am not surprised, and anyone who knows how these blog ranking systems work should not be as well. As usual, just like the Z-List, what started as a good thing, suddenly gets all crazy, and people who are not on it or even on it cry afoul, some complain to Google and Technorati found out about it, and the whole thing just goes down the drain.

So sadly to prevent Design Sojourn from falling off the overloaded link band wagon, and getting black-marked by Google and Technorati, I’ve decided to remove the entire link collection and only link to the original site which has all the images.

I think this reflects the real spirit of the project and that is having 2000 of the world’s bloggers on one site. It just got out of control when Tino got people to put up the entire set of links on their own site, he has since sadly decided to take it down.

Am I scared? A little, but more scared of the unknown. What I am is a whole lot more concerned as I don’t want almost 1.5 years of quality design articles and design tips to go to waste. It seems Google and Technorati do black-mark such “link farming” activities as I did not get any links from Tino’s new 2000 bloggers blog, and I only found out about this fall from grace from 2nd hand information.

However the negative fallout of such lists only highlight the stupidity of blog ranking systems and the idea of blog popularity based on such rankings. Here at Design Sojourn I get decent traffic not crazy but decent (average 200 unique visitors a day) traffic and that is pretty good for me. Simply because I get a lot of repeat visitors (my repeat page views more than doubles my uniques visitors) and I can take the time to meet and chat with all the people that visit my site personally, either by comments or email. To me cultivating repeat visitors who become my friends is reward enough for me.

Brian Ling

Brian is the Founder and Design Director at Design Sojourn, a Design Led Innovation Consultancy. He is a multi-award winning design leader, and specialises in strategic design and innovation programs that drive successful organisations. Brian’s 20-year career in design, driven through a deep understanding of human behavior, spans over multiple domains such as consumer electronics, government, healthcare, non-profit agencies, hospitality, F&B, retail, online solutions and best in class service experiences.

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[…] issued any kind of penalty to the participants in the 2000 Bloggers meme, as I just read over on Design Sojourn in a comment by Ian Kallen of Technorati. Just to clarify: Technorati is not taking punitive […]

“Well it is! If you look at your name on the left of your post comment, its a link back to your website is it not?” No. It isn’t a discussion being documented by Technorati. First off, it isn’t a “trackback”. There’s no response to this blog entry on the other side. It’s nothing more than a link to my blog’s front page. Second, Technorati *isn’t* scraping that link because it’s not on the front page here. So even if it *were* linking back to a response (part of the discussion, or “conversation” as Technorati defines it), there’d still be… Read more »
Design Translator

Note that I’ve not left any trackbacks. This “good discussionâ€


correction: “to see if people still complain about me NOT showing the whole post”


“Always a good discussion. … The assumption here is people who talk more about the issue, will leave their website as a trackback.”

Note that I’ve not left any trackbacks. This “good discussion” is not being documented by Technorati.

“BTW that PDF link did not work?”

Wish I could preview a comment so I could test code. If I could, I would. In any event, this should do (but it’ll be copy and paste):

“However the use of the “moreâ€

Design Translator

Hi csven,

Always a good discussion.

Tracking links is *not* tracking “what people are sayingâ€

“Actually Tecnorati does track readers to a blog.” To my knowledge Technorati doesn’t track visitors. It tracks links. Nothing more. – “Not only does it track blogrolls or links on your sidebar, it also tracks links in your main posts AND links like your website you have entered when you left a comment here. Thus they do track what people are saying.” Tracking links is *not* tracking “what people are saying”. Technorati only logs the blog entry, not the conversation – the “what” – that’s carried on comments. – “Somehow the engine is able to distinguish between links in a… Read more »
Design Translator
@csven, You have made some pretty valid points. I’ve seen many blog rolls that are just lists of top blogs either as an address book or hoping to get link backs. But I have also seen blog rolls, including mine, which are links to people that they know. Kinda like a blog address book. I for one refuse to link to the top blogs, Ill explain a little more at the bottom. Actually Tecnorati does track readers to a blog. Not only does it track blogrolls or links on your sidebar, it also tracks links in your main posts AND… Read more »

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