Check Out our Spaces for Ideas Christmas Special! (Is Over, Sorry!)

By Brian Ling November 9, 2010

Image by Michael Verhoef

It certainly looks a lot like Christmas, my favorite time of the year! To celebrate this festive season, we have decided to do something special to get us all into the festive mood.

Throughout the month of November (starting from today) and all the way to Christmas, we are going to give you 1 free Spaces for Ideas Expandable Sketchbook for every Sketchbook bundle of 5 you buy!

So this means you get 6 Expandable Sketchbooks for the price of 4. That is approximately USD$8.70 per Expandable Sketchbook. Holy cow, what an amazing bargain! Even better, the shipping cost remains the same.

Why wait? Treat yourself or give a Spaces for Ideas Expandable Sketchbook bundle to your favorite creative person this Christmas. Buying your sketchbook bundle this week would mean you should get them by early December with plenty of gift-wrapping time to spare!

Edit: The Christmas Offer is now over! Thank you everyone for your support!

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Brian Ling

Brian is the Founder and Design Director at Design Sojourn, a Design Led Innovation Consultancy. He is a multi-award winning design leader, and specialises in strategic design and innovation programs that drive successful organisations. Brian’s 20-year career in design, driven through a deep understanding of human behavior, spans over multiple domains such as consumer electronics, government, healthcare, non-profit agencies, hospitality, F&B, retail, online solutions and best in class service experiences.

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