Penguin Books cover Design

By Brian Ling December 16, 2008

Image from YES Design

The books, reissued as part of the Penguin on Design series, include Munari’s 1965 book, Design As Art; McLuhan’s 1967 classic, The Medium is the Massage; Berger’s seminal Ways Of Seeing from 1972; and Sontag’s 1977 essay, On Photography.

Penguin has republished 4 great books on design with new covers with the help of YES studio from the UK.

Check out the full creative rational on Creative Review’s CR Blog.

Via: Aisle One.

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Brian Ling

Brian is the Founder and Design Director at Design Sojourn, a Design Led Innovation Consultancy. He is a multi-award winning design leader, and specialises in strategic design and innovation programs that drive successful organisations. Brian’s 20-year career in design, driven through a deep understanding of human behavior, spans over multiple domains such as consumer electronics, government, healthcare, non-profit agencies, hospitality, F&B, retail, online solutions and best in class service experiences.

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Great YES video ! thanks for the comment, I wasn’t aware of that, it is very interesting indeed.


For a first collaboration with Penguin, YES studio did a great job.


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