The Dell project team jointly agreed that Design Sojourn was the best consultancy for the job as their proposal was backed by a clear reasoning and design process. We valued this process, as it was instrumental to the success of this project. – Ken Ding, Director at Dell Experience Design Group.

Project Scope

The Dell Experience Design Group in Singapore engaged Design Sojourn to develop a business process methodology, through the use of User-Centered Design techniques, that would allow the Group to communicate the reasoning behind their strategies and design decisions to their senior management in the USA.


Deliverables included interviewing stakeholders and identifying their needs, business process analysis, business process design, and the creation of an extensive set of master benchmarking templates with a consistent visual identity.

The highlight of our activities was applying Design Thinking through a number of in-depth qualitative interviews that identified the needs and operating environment of the team members servicing all Dell lines of businesses. These businesses include Desktops, All-in-One Computers, Laptops, Scanners and Printers, Displays and Accessories etc. These interviews lead to insights that inspired the design of a new business process.

Status: Completed (April 2011 to June 2011.)

Competence: Business Process Design, Design Thinking and User Centred Design

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