Project Scope
Design Sojourn (partnering with Philips Design) was engaged by Ngee Ann Polytechnic to provide Design Thinking Program to help Researchers and Scientists from the Technology Development and Innovation Office at Ngee Ann Polytechnic to use Design Thinking to identify opportunities for their technologies and inventions. This would lead towards funding and venture capital investments that provide the lifeblood of Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s R&D environment.

The facilitated workshops consisted of a number of hard hitting user centered activities such as Personas and Experience Maps that lead to divergent brainstorming of opportunities and their corresponding value propositions.

One of the first programs of it’s kind; Design Sojourn conceptualized, designed and developed a two and a half day intensive Design Thinking Program that consisted of both a knowledge transfer segment and a Design Thinking Consulting and Mentoring segment.

Status: Completed (October 2011)

Competence: Design Thinking, Design Strategy, Design Consulting.

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