Our clients have tapped on the Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) scheme to solve targeted and pressing business problems.


The Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) scheme provides $5,000 worth of funding to support upgrading of business capabilities. Each voucher can be used to engage a participating Service Provider under the ICV, who will assist the company on a supportable service from any of the following capability areas such as Innovation, Productivity, Human Resources (HR) and Financial Management.

Design Sojourn is one of the approved Service Providers who can offer the following service module(s):

Capability Area: Innovation

Service Module: Customer Insights

For more information, please visit the SPRING ICV website.

Alternatively, you may want to contact the EnterpriseOne Helpdesk at 6898 1800 or enterpriseone@spring.gov.sg

Our Customer Insights Program Description

The ICV Innovation program on Customer Insights is perfect for organizations looking to see how they can adopt an “outside in” approach to understand their customers in a way that can inspire them to create new and radical solutions, or improve their existing offerings.

This ICV curriculum will be customized to the needs of the client by making the program more practical and relevant to their industry. This workshop will include obtaining insights that may be used to solve 1 client specified real word problem.

The service provider will utilized the 30 hours required for this program as follows: 4 hours for customization of the curriculum, 14 hours for field research, 8 hours for workshops (22 hours face to face contact time total), and 4 hours for report writing. As this is a workshop activity, Design Sojourn will play the role of a Facilitator to help guide clients towards the right decisions.

After this program is completed, it is recommended that the client expand and validate the ideas generated through a more extensive program such as the Business Strategy and Innovation program.


ACTIVITY TYPE: Fieldwork and workshops held at the client’s premises.
TOOLS COVERED: Orbital Process, ethnographic research, Customer Journey Maps, Key Personas, and Value Proposition.
BUDGET: $5000 (1 Coupon)

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation meeting where we will show you how we have helped SMEs get more from their customer insights!

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