We are known for our highly engaging Design Thinking / Design Led Innovation workshops and seminars. 


Design Sojourn is frequently engaged to design, run and facilitate Design Thinking, Design Led Innovation and Design related workshops.  Our highly engaging workshops are designed to teach, excite and inspire.

Do check out some of our recent successes below.


Design Thinking a Path to Innovation in Healthcare – SingHealth

We were invited by SingHealth Academy to present at a symposium to share how Design Thinking can help people think creatively, differently, and be a path to Design Driven Innovation in Healthcare.

SingHealth is a regional healthcare cluster that works with Primary, Intermediate and Long-Term care sectors and support services to deliver patient-centric care in Singapore. SingHealth manages managing Singapore General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and five national specialty centres such as The National Eye Center etc.

“Design Thinking: A Path to Innovation in Healthcare” – The July BrownBag Symposium received overwhelming responses as near 300 participants from Outram Campus and KKH joined us to hear from award-winning Director, Mr Brian Ling from Design Sojourn. Participants gained insights on how Design Thinking, in our increasingly complex healthcare landscape today, can be a powerful tool to transform the way we strategise and develop ideas, ultimately benefiting our patients. Brian also shared several interesting case studies on how Design Thinking has been successfully applied to organisations, especially in the healthcare sector.

The symposium was a full house (with many having to sit on the floor) and was attended by CEOs, hospital directors, clinicians, and allied health professionals.

The feedback from the symposium include:

“Very good session to encourage different way of thinking and seeing a different aspect.”
“The ideas and stories shared are interesting and help you to fire up your mind to create and innovate.”
“Interesting topic to help reframe a normal experience using innovative approaches.”
“Very good speaker – interesting and stimulating stories.”
“Speaker is good, very engaging.”

If you are interested in getting Design Sojourn to run your next workshop, seminar or symposium, do not hesitate to drop us a message on our contact page.


Using Experience Design to Create Meaningful Solutions for your Customers Workshop – Design Singapore Council

We were engaged by Design Singapore to run a workshop to help customers better understand the value of Experience Design. Design Singapore Council is a government agency of Singapore that has a mandate to grow the Design industry/sectors and Design related services in Singapore.

The synopsis of the program was as follows:

“Abundance has satisfied, and even over-satisfied, the material needs of millions-boosting the significance of beauty and emotion and accelerating individuals’ search for meaning.” – Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

Your customers are fast changing. They are savvy and know what they want even before you do! We have moved out from the industrial age, where people are treated like numbers or machines. We have moved into an age, where enlighten organizations differentiate themselves by appealing to people’s emotions and improving their customer’s quality of life.

Generating and inspiring these emotions with meaningful experiences is no simple task. It will require a complex ecosystem that may consists of a combination of products, services, spaces, websites and even data. Join us at the workshop and discover how to create and deliver these meaningful experiences.

In addition to sharing case studies of successful Experience Design projects, we administered our 1 Hour Design Crunch Tool that helped participants learn about the creation of user centered experiences through a rapid design thinking activity. Our successful workshops are created on the principle of learning by doing.

If you are interested in getting Design Sojourn to run your next workshop, seminar or symposium, do not hesitate to drop us a message on our contact page.


Workshop for Participants of the Singapore Junior Water Prize – Ngee Ann Polytechnic Center of Innovation

Design Sojourn was engaged to design and facilitate a customized 4-day workshop for 80 students and teachers. These students, a mix from secondary schools, junior colleges and tertiary institutions, are participants of the Singapore Junior Water Prize organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic Center of Innovation Environmental and Water Technology, and supported by the Lien Foundation.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is one of Singapore’s premier tertiary institutions and is well known for their diplomas in engineering and for their research and innovation activities.

The objective of this workshop was to employ Design Thinking techniques to broaden minds and validate ideas. We adopted rapid “get real quick activities” that allowed the participants to move quickly from understand the needs of water users to delivering potential solutions that satisfy these needs. Our tools used include Experience Maps, Creative Flip Brainstorming Techniques and Value Proposition.

If you are interested in getting Design Sojourn to run your next workshop, seminar or symposium, do not hesitate to drop us a message on our contact page.

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