Samsung’s Design Aesthetic is Minimal Organic

Samsung Design Aesthetic

I don’t make this kind of stuff up. According to Surface Magazine Asia:

Samsung’s aesthetic motto, Minimal Organic, is all about simplicity and a focus on softer features. The applies to small, mobile products, just as much as larger hardware like TV or speakers.

It looks like a pretty logical and obvious contrarian approach to the current “Minimal Geometric” aesthetic made popular by Apple. Looks like it’s working well for them, what do you think?

Via: Surface Magazine.

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Brian Ling (Design Sojourn)

Brian is a multidisciplinary Design Leader with more than 18 years of experience leading strategic design programs that drives successful Brands and Fortune 500 businesses such as GE, Philips, Nakamichi, Flextronics, Ericsson, Hannspree, and HP. His passion is in helping organisations leverage on Design Driven Innovation to make people’s lives better.

  • Shree Vella

    .  2 years ago

    Aesthetically yes, Samsung have done a nice job, however where they fall down compared to Apple is the feel and functionality of their products, especially the phones I am referring to.
    Firstly the Samsung phones just dont feel as high quality as Apple’s, they kinda feel lightweight, like a toy and they could easily break – whereas Apples products feel more solid and safe. Secondly, and this may have something to do with the different OS’s – Apples phones are just more fluid in their scrolling than the Samsung phone (amongst other things) and over time, though it seems to be a minor thing, it leaves the impression to the user that Apples phones just work better and are are more superior.


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