More Emulation!

Encounted this interesting website on some work done by cheeky people re-intepreting the graphically simple iPod ads. The interesting aspect is that they manage to reproduce just the essential silhouette of the image that you are able to a good idea of what that object/person



Cant afford designer lamps like the Arco? Now is a chance to own one! Well not really. Check out: These clever fellows, extract the iconic nature of classic designs and put a new twist to it. There is no shame to be a design follower.


Why I hate digital media? Part 1

1) I hate digital media, cos I can't touch it. The RIAA's lawsuit on illegal p2p music sharing hit a poor old lady by the name of Patricia Santangelo. Naturally infuriated, she fights back, particularly because she has no idea what music sharing is or even