B&O headphones: Part 1

Check out my latest purchase. I must say its one of the most amazing products I own. And I only own 2. The other one is my Wacom Intous3 9×12 Tablet.
I’m a product designer by profession, and so it’s pretty hard for a product to really impress me. I actually own very few electronics products, being very fussy in general. I only buy products of a certain quality and innovation level. It’s never the same when you know how cheap a consumer electronics product costs to make. Some of the other good, but not great, products I own include the Sony Clie TG-05, Sony Ericsson Phone K700i, and perhaps my Nintendo DS.
However I just simply love my new B&O headphones. I had this amazing feeling putting it on the first time, and plugging it in, and walking down the street, and getting on the bus…
I’m deeply intrigued, of this “feeling” I had. I don’t know where it came from. The only other time I had this feeling was when I test drove the BMW Mini Cooper, and first used my Intous3 Tablet. It’s had to describe, it’s a mixture of pride, exhilaration, happiness, and sadness when you put it down.
Interestingly enough the B&O ear phones, BMW Mini, and Intous3 are all products of premium brands.
So this leads me to wonder, what is in this product mix, that these premium products and brands have, that the other mass market brands struggle to find?

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