How to be Creative?

It was a great read with I read it a few years ago after visiting his blog, and its now been re-polished, and repackaged into a nice downloadable document. Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void fame, famous for his cartoons of rye humor drawn at the back


Time Management Tips for the Wired Designer

I have been asked by a few readers how I manage to do so much. Actually I do have a lot on my plate and actually don't get too much done! But seriously these days balancing between being a stay home Dad and running my


Tips on how to improve your drawing ability

Further our previous discussion on the merits of the ability to sketch and how sketches are used in studios, I now present a list of hints and tips that has helped me improve my drawing ability. Tips on how to be a sketch god! (or at


Nokia E61 Review or How to get organized?

Quite a few significant events have happened to me in the last week, my yearly national service commitments, winning a Red-Dot, and managing to sell my home (another story on its own). Another significant event worth mentioning was the purchase of my new Nokia


Tips on Being Creative Military Style

Being creative in the military? Is that not an oxymoron? Not really especially if you, like me, believes that the "the most creative freedom comes from a tight brief". After my last rant on creativity in a structured environment, where I insist that creativity


A petition to bring back buttons on phones?

Sometime about 2-3 years ago, the saturated consumer electronics industry, hungry for new but matured technology, has been exploring what we designers call "static" buttons. These "static" buttons are essentially non-mechanical (ie non-moving) and use electronic circuitry as a means to detect triggering contact. Function


Concept Design Equipment Shoot-out: Part 5

Alright here we are in the final installment of this series. It was such a beast to write but I hope the write up is really useful for all of you who are interested to get into digital concept development. Before we go


The Art of the Very Small Start: Part 1

Updated: New links added and my usual poor grammar corrected. A Web 2.0 marketing plan focusing on real tangible products, really only made possible for our discussion today because of the pipeline pathway open by the Internet. The Internet is amazing in a sense that


The Importance of a Design Identity in Asia

This morning I was watching the News show on TV when they had a little chat session with some artists visiting to promote The Asian International Art Exhibition. One thing that hit me was: Each piece is an artistic expression that embodies the culture and


Concept Design Equipment Shoot-out: Part 4

Welcome to the fourth installation of the Concept Equipment Shoot-out between the Sketchbook, Drawing Table and Tablet PC! I do apologise as it's been almost 1.5 months since Part 3, but I needed some time to really get into all the equipment to give