A Busy Designer is Never Stuck

In recent times I have found that I have become an extremely productive and prolific designer. Not only with my daily design work but in my other personal day-to-day activities as well. In fact, the busier I am at any one time, the better I


Get Rid of Instant Messaging at the Workplace

With Skype being widely used by businesses for overseas calls, the other equally used function of Skype Chat (Instant Messaging) is getting its fair share of use. Not to mention the usual favorites in the IM world: MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger (which many


Be a Better Designer 7: Write your own brief

What are the advantages of writing product briefs or product descriptions? Plenty if you are a designer looking to get your design right! Recently I was glad to see that Guy Kawasaki had written in his blog that there was no statistical difference in successful


The world’s best D-Schools. Huh?

When I first looked at it I felt "this is a cool list of design schools" listed at business week. Then reality started to sink in, D-School? Wait, nobody calls a design school "D-School" except a business school teaching design. As usual my cynical


Design Theory 3: What is the BIG idea?

Tired of randomly creating styles and forms? Stuck at the same looking sketch over and over again? Tired of flipping through magazines or clicking on the internet? Tired of creating designs that just do not seem to inspire others or