Be a Better Designer 3: Know thy self

What I am about to say is the hard truth. No matter what they tell you, no Design School can completely train you to be 100% ready for the workforce. That's right. I've heard that even designers from the famous Art Center College in Pasadena, in the


Free Pitching is alive and well.

Yes ladies and gents, free pitching is alive and well and endorsed at Business Week. Bruce Nussbaum thought it innovative to do design by inviting 3 design greats (IDEO, Stone Yamashita, and Modernista) to submit magazine concepts for his new Inside Innovation Magazine.


$50 for a Square Watermelon?

I've decided this blog needs a little more interesting design tit-bits other than the the heavy serious design posts I usually write. Check out this square watermelon at my local supermarket. Its almost a cube in proportion except it has rounded corners. This leads


What we can learn from Design Competitions

I always wondered why I never entered design competitions. They are great! They exercise the mind, may win you fame and fortune and even money. Possibly I was wallowing in self-pity or to busy trying to live. Perhaps as my colleague, who shall


Be a Better Designer 1: Just Do it!

This series provides little hints and tips on how to be a better designer. (BBD) The aspects mainly include how to improve productivity and better design management of your day to day concepts development tasks. In this first installment we focus on "Just Do it!" Getting


Design Theory 2: Is this logical?

Most of us are designers because we like design and at least (i'm hoping) can innately tell a good design from a bad design. This innate "design sense" most designers have, though some more than others. This "design sense" is both a function of designing


Design Theory 1: Reflection

Today we start this new series on theories on how to possibly create better designs. I think central to successful design thinking and even to this series as a whole, is the concept of reflection. Looking back and onto one's self. Often designers power


Are you a blog slut?

Haha, how many of you have more than one blog? I actually have 3! One here, one at Xanga and one at Updating them is a nightmare. Just to much to write. I cant decide if i should just focus on one, or just