Coverage of the Icsid Congress 09 and the Singapore Design Festival

As mentioned in a recent post I will be taking part and covering the Icsid Congress 09 here on Design Sojourn. What’s even better, is that I will also be covering the Singapore Design Festival, where I will try to go to as many events as possible!
Please don’t forget to bookmark this post, so that you can come back to it as often as you like. It will be a pseudo-directory that I will be frequently updating with either new topics or links to the latest posts covering either the congress or the festival.

Icsid Congress 09

Sneak peek off the Congress materials!

Live Twitter coverage at @designsojourn with the hash tag #icsid09.
Daily summary of the Icsid Congress:
a) Summary of Day 01
b) Summary of Day 02
c) Summary of Day 03
An exciting series of 5 minute interviews with the congress speakers and studio masters called “Designer Unplugged: 5 mins with…”
a) Feng Zhu on “The importance of traditional design skills”
b) Bruce Nussbaum on “The evolution of design thinking”
c) Pernilla Johansson on “The future of food preparation”
d) Michele Berryman on “Designers moving towards Designing Experiences”.

Shameless plug: Design Sojourn is an official online partner!

Singapore Design Festival 2009

Live Twitter coverage at @designsojourn with the hash tag #SDF09 .
Exhibition and event highlights:
a) Photo coverage of the Singapore Design Festival 2009

I hope you enjoyed this coverage, and please do bear with me will I try my best to get the posts or links up as quickly as I can!


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