Design Sojourn soon to be Z Lister no more

Wow its pretty amazing the rounds this Z-List meme is making. Recently Seth Godin, the marketing guru, has picked up on this phenomenon and posted all of us at his Squidoo site.
Squidoo is a site similar to Digg where the users can vote up their favorite sites, allows for users to create their own list of things for people to view and vote. Seth has honored us by creating his own list of all the Z bloggers that have been going around.
Design Sojourn is currently at #45 and it looking to go up! So if it’s not too much trouble please head on over here to vote. You may need to sign up but hey its quick easy and fun. As a member you can also create your own lists and most importantly vote.
Thanks Seth and you are always welcomed at Design Sojourn and do stay awhile.
Edit: Ok this meme is kicking my technorati rankings! Currently Im at Rank: 17,198 (475 links from 182 blogs). Thats an improvement of 11K since my last check. Life is good!
Edit2: PurpleWren has created a beautiful mosaic of all the Z-Listers! Very cool and do check it out!


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