Designing Clarity 02 – Maish Nichani – The Digitisation Tipping Point

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Finally, episode 2 of the Designing Clarity Podcast is here!  Sorry, it took a while as there was a lot of editing required due to signal dropouts and tech failures.  We hope to improve our workflow and get it more streamlined for the next one.

COVID-19 is the greatest disrupter there is.  Those of us who have gone digital or online are now breathing a sigh of relief.  But what about the rest of us?  Those of us who were not so quick or lack the ability to go digital?

Going digital is not an easy process, you might be wondering: is going digital the best for me? When is it the best time to do so?  How much is it going to cost?  What do I have to do? What processes need to change?  Is it as simple as setting up a website?  And most importantly, will my employees fear for their jobs?
These questions are probably on everyone’s mind when they are deciding if they should go digital or not.  However, as we approach this digitisation tipping point, many of us need to evolve (ie go digital) or die.
Today I have my friend and collaborator Maish Nichani to share some of his thoughts on how we can think about digitisations, digitalisation, and digital transformation.   Check out the podcast below.

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The Designing Clarity Podcast is hosted by Brian Ling.  Brian is the founder and design director of Design Sojourn, a Design Led Innovation Consultancy passionate in using design thinking to make lives better.

This podcast is for business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to innovate and design their new normal.

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