Designing Clarity – A Podcast Series for Innovating and Designing Your New Normal

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I am very excited to share the launch of my first podcast series with you! 

My team and I have not blogged much this year.  We could not figure out the best format to get our thoughts across to you.  We are not even sure if blogging is still a good format to do so.  Therefore, after 2 months of watching all possible YouTube videos out there, I decided to go with the podcast medium.

This podcast has been a small team effort, an MVP if you like, or minimal viable product.  Therefore it is not perfect at all.  Not only that, when all my guests asked me what this podcast is all about, I had no idea.

The important thing here was to start.  And thus this ended up like every good design exercise, the title was iterated until it made sense.  Designing Clarity (no pun intended) is a podcast series for business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to innovate and design their new normal. 

Episode zero was meant to be the genesis of what this podcast series is all about and my motivations to do so.  I hope you enjoy the episode (below) and I hope that you can benefit from the use of Design’s Superpower to help you figure out what to do next!


Listen to this podcast via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.   Don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest episodes, it’s free!  This podcast series is hosted on Anchor.  




  • jairo acero

    August 27, 2020 at 6:33 am Reply

    Brian… welcome back . Podcast are fine .
    Here is what I feel :
    Clarity 60%
    Hope 40%
    Do you think we may include hope as a powerful tool nowdays of uncertainty … ?

    • Brian Ling

      September 21, 2020 at 1:32 pm Reply

      Hi Jairo,

      Love your comment!

      I think your suggestion is wonderful. Hope is so underrated today, therefore I will explore this in one of our next episodes for sure. Thanks for keeping in touch.

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