ESC and Design Sojourn’s Innovating for Sustainability Programme Offers Grant Support for Singaporean Companies

ESC, the leading sustainability consultancy in Asia, and Design Sojourn, a renowned design thinking and innovation consultancy, have partnered to launch the Innovating for Sustainability Programme (ISP). This new programme aims to help Singaporean companies capture new innovative business opportunities and enhance their capabilities in addressing the growing consumer need for sustainable products and services.

The Innovating for Sustainability Programme is a unique opportunity for Singaporean companies to enhance their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices. With funding support through Enterprise Development Grant, SMEs can access grants of up to 70%, while non-SMEs can receive up to 50%.

ESC and Design Sojourn launch of the Innovating for Sustainability Programme (ISP)

The Innovating for Sustainability Programme helps Singaporean companies build their sustainability capabilities for the next five years and beyond

Andrew Young, Group Director of ESC, said, “Many SMEs in Singapore haven’t yet made sustainability a top priority in their operations. The ISP stands as a solution to this challenge, helping them build long-term business growth and become more resilient.

Brian Ling, Founder of Design Sojourn, of the latest offering, said, “We are excited to partner with ESC in this programme. The ISP offers a clear roadmap for companies to integrate ESG practices into their business strategy while harnessing the power of design thinking to create innovative solutions.

Incorporating ESG practices can redefine how people view businesses. Through the ISP, Singaporean companies can transform their products and services into one that positively impacts and fulfils the expectations of investors, employees, and consumers for sustainable value creation. This, in turn, can lead to higher revenue, talent retention and attraction, enhanced productivity, and better access to financing.


For more information about ISP, please fill out this form or email info@designsojourn.com or enquiries@envirosc.com.


About Design Sojourn:
Design Sojourn is a renowned design-led innovation consultancy that helps businesses integrate design thinking into their organisations. With a strong track record in social and sustainability design work, they empower companies to create innovative and environmentally conscious solutions that improve people’s lives.

About ESC:
ESC is the leading environment, safety, and sustainability consultancy in Asia. Our international and multidisciplinary teams are uniquely equipped with Local Knowledge and Global Expertise to address your complex sustainability challenges.

Media Contact:
Denise Shee
Senior Experience Designer, Design Sojourn

Laiza Fidel
Marketing Lead, ESC

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