Free Pitching is alive and well.

Yes ladies and gents, free pitching is alive and well and endorsed at Business Week. Bruce Nussbaum thought it innovative to do design by inviting 3 design greats (IDEO, Stone Yamashita, and Modernista) to submit magazine concepts for his new Inside Innovation Magazine. Well the main problem is that he paid only the winner and implied the rest of the work as part of his “open-sourced” innovation thinking concept.
His further comments here show him continue to dig his grave by trying to justify what he did and then say Spec Work or Free Pitching is good. Anyway I had my rant and rave there as well and I’m not going to waste any more of my time talking about this here.
In the same spirit of the way this Business Week magazine was concieved, lets NOT boycott it, but read this issue and all issues that come after for free at the book store or magazine stand. Then perhaps then buy the issue that you find the best?

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