I Love Steam Punk Industrial Design

Classic steam punk gear, the goggles, to be put it on before you jump on your flying ship that some how flies without wings. Image source.
Wired magazine has a wondrous on-line exhibition called Steam-Driven Dreams: The Wondrously Whimsical World of Steampunk that reminds me of the very honest and inspiring futuristic design in the time of Dr Who, Star Wars and Jules Vern’s 2000 Leagues under the Sea. These objects have been a great source of inspiration for me as a child in my decision to become a designer. I can always remember that these steam punk objects have a certain crudeness and yet in-depth honesty that makes it obvious what the objects are meant to do. Furthermore much of the designs, though supposed futuristic are a reflection of the tastes of that era. (Victorian trim anyone?)
More recently movies and anime such as Wild Wild West, Last Exile, Howl’s Moving Castle and Steam Boy continues to fuel my love for this genera.
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  • Myke

    July 8, 2008 at 10:26 am Reply

    hmm, if you come to think of it, the design we see on tv shows such as Dr. who makes the feeling of time travel and adventure more exciting. wear the outfit and go…

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