iPoor Status: Testing testing…

Just an update that we will be shipping the iPoor T-shirts to all customers by the middle of next week! So your wait is almost over!
Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m currently in Hong Kong for a quick holiday.
Furthermore in the last couple of days, I’ve been washing and testing iPoor T-Shirt samples with friends of different sizes. This is so as to give you the best possible customer satisfaction when you receive your purchase!
Here are the compiled feedback from my 5 “testers”.
1) As the T-shirt is 100% cotton, it does shrink in the wash. After washing a few shirts, we tried them on and here are the results.
If you are 159cm, weight 50kg, waist 27″ then the S is comfortable and slightly baggy.
If you are 184cm, 80kg, with waist 32-33″ and the L fits just right, but it will not be baggy grunge style.
If you are 192cm, 100kg, and 36″ waist you will need to go with the XL. Again the fit just right.
Anyone larger will not be able to fit the XL.
2) Finally please wash all the t-shirts before you wear them, especially the black. The black T-shirt’s color DOES run. So please soak for a bit before you wash it in the washing machine!

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