Is Black Diamond Phone $299,550 too much?

In early march we got to see a really exciting concept phone by Singaporean Designer Jaron Goh. Apparently a in June a Swiss company called VIPN decided to purchased the concept and make it a reality. I wont go into my speculation wheather it was a Sony Ericsson concept in the first place or just something Jaron dream up and went the way of Ora ito’s LV bag concept.

Its a great consumer phone design, but sold at a price tag of $300,000? I think that’s nuts even if its that tricked out! What really drove this home were the prototype pictures of the phone reciently released on Sept 12, 2006.
Its about right in terms of the development cycle. Its about 6 months since we saws the graphics and this looks like a working prototype. This means the outer housing is fabricated. Even then, after studying the design in its full glory, I feel the design is perfect for a Sony Ericsson’s mobile phone product but it is truly $299,550 too much to pay for it. Yup, even with the diamond at the back.
Images via Engadget

No matter what VIPN does, I dont think Pro-sumers (hyper informed consumers) of today will not be easily fooled by the Black Diamond’s value proposition.


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