Its redesign time!

Sorry for the slight slow down in the postings. I have been busy mucking around and doing the following:

1) Design Sojourn 2.0! Yep the small profit I made from selling my iPoor T-shirts is going into a pure “marketing expense”. I strongly believe in investing in a brand and branding myself and have decided to put the money where my mouth is! So in the next few days there will be some strange things happening to the Design Sojourn blog such as widgets disappearing or blog categories being reorganized etc. Please do bare with me ya?
2) I’ve been helping 2 of my lady friends set up a blog. Sorry dear readers, a few drinks and a little ego massaging, I just could not say no! Inspired by my post, they wanted to write a blog on fugly designs.
Personally I think its a great idea, as most blogs race to showcase the new good looking designs but only end up stumbling all over each other repeating the same content. However I think its just as important in education to not only look at how to do it right, but to learn from the mistakes of others and look at why a design fails.
Check it out, and join in the discussions!

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