Lamy + Richard Sapper = Dialog 1

In my recient trip to Hong Kong, I saw and fell in love with this beautiful pen!

LAMY meets Richard Sapper.
Is the result of Lamy’s collaboration with Richard Sapper, one of the world´ s leading designers. He designed for example the desk lamp Tizio, Alessi’s singing kettle and the IBM think pad.
Ballpoint pen. Metal body with triangular cross-section and rounded edges.
Surface finish: Titanium-coated PVD. Sprung, stainless steel clip. With LAMY giant refill M 16 black M. Change of refill by operating push mechanism on underside of pen. With pen case made of beech.
Design: Richard Sapper

The triangular and textured profile of the pen is a joy to use. I was actually sketching on the test pad! I was so tempted to buy it, but decided against it as its about USD$160!
Crazy, but apparently its a limited edition.
Here are more images especially the laminated (no pun intended!) beech casing, for you to savour.

  • Design Translator

    October 4, 2006 at 8:48 am Reply

    Hahahah, yes thats great advice, thanks. Also how much did you buy the pen for?

  • yeksoon

    October 3, 2006 at 10:17 am Reply

    I bought the Dialog1 the moment it is available in Singapore.
    I agree, there are some who would not pay so much for a Lamy…
    What I like about it though is that it can ‘correct’ your pen grip (if you have it wrong for all these years!)
    It is still my favourite pen.
    A point to note:
    NEVER bring this on board a plane. The security scans will identified this as a sharp object.

  • Design Translator

    September 16, 2006 at 10:28 am Reply

    Hahah I agree, but the triangular profile is really nice to write. However I just could not bring myself to spend SDG$230 just for a ball point pen!
    Yes the vivo is a nice one too. Its interesting that Lamy is perhaps becoming like Alessi or Cappelini? Where the company collborates with designers to create their products.
    I may pick up one next time I visit a Lamy shop!
    Funny I’m experiencing a retro feeling of working with ball point pens again! Its just i hate the ink pooling at the tip.

  • hunn

    September 16, 2006 at 6:47 am Reply

    Personal, i don’t really dig the hard lines/edges styling. abit too strong for my liking. strong 80’s vibe. But the rounded triangular profile could be comfortable.
    mebbe you could consider another LAMY pen, which i’m also using, the VIVO by Konstantin Gricic. Simple ballpen but took 4 years to develop because they wanted to cut down components from 4 to 3, 25% fewer elements.
    May not seem dramatic, but was according to grcic’s book, a considerable challenge.
    beautifully simple construction and comes in pretty colours too.
    And it writes well too @ 7.50 euros.

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