Minority report in reality

Remember the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruse’s character interfaces with a computer using his hand gestures? Well Jeff Han from Perceptive Pixel is developing a commercialized version of what he says “the way that people should be interacting with computers”.

Well actually close but not quite Minority Report. Apparently the Minority Report version is called “TouchLight” and is being developed by Microsoft… anyways for some mind blowing goodness, check out the video of his presentation at TED. After watching it, I almost to the horror of my half asleep family I stood up clapping!

Jeff Han demonstrates—for the first time publicly—his intuitive, “interface-free,” touch-driven computer screen, which can be manipulated … all intuitively with the fingertips, and responds to varying levels of pressure. Han is a research scientist for NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. (Recorded February 2006 in Monterey, CA. Duration: 09:32)

For more information and a great background write up, check out the article at Fast Company, and Industrial Designers, all your interfaces you have dreamt or read about can be found here at his research lab straight out of the future . Now go forth and create you next concept product! Well thats exactly what he wants us to do as I quote:

“I want to create an environment where I can create technology, get it into the hands of someone to market it, and move on to other technologies so I can keep innovating,”

Smart guy knows his strengths and weaknesses. I respect that!
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