My Design Events Calendar for August and September

Oh a busy next two months for me and I thought to let you guys know whats happening in my life and how I will cover the events in my blog.

Red-Dot Logo
1) I hope you guys are doing the same, but Monday the 14 Aug is the submission date for the Red-Dot concept award, and I’m rushing my company’s submission layout. I like to thank my team for helping me render up the images for the submission.

2) Next week I’m starting my part-time tutoring stint at NUS. I help tutor the final 4th year students of the Industrial Design program.

Nissan Design Forum
3) At the end of August I’ve been invited to moderate at the Nissan Design Forum by the Design Singapore Council. I’ll see if I can do a write up after it, but I do hope to see all of you there! For more information check out the website and a similar Nissan Design Forum held in Manhattan in Dec 16, 2005 called Vibrant Design. No Karim Rashid for us this time unfortunatly!

4) Finally I’ll be off to the London Design Festival on the 18th of September so do stay tuned to this blog as I will definitely be covering my adventures there.

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