Photo Coverage of the Singapore Design Festival 2009

Over the last few days, I conducted a whirlwind tour of the different events and exhibitions at the Singapore Design Festival 2009. There were some interesting work exhibited that reaffirmed my faith in the quality of designers or designs from the region. Some of the more notable exhibitions include; Small Thoughts, Big Ideas, Singapore Souvenirs and the UseLess Exhibition at the Icsid 2009 Congress.

Check out the slideshow of my photos from my Flickr set: Singapore Design Festival 2009.

Do come back and check out this slideshow for updated images in days to come.

If you are interested in more images, do visit the official SDF 2009 site or their Facebook fan page.

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  • imran

    November 28, 2009 at 8:52 am Reply

    Cool pictures,thanks
    One of the picture shows one of singapore minister’s portrait
    cool idea
    i wonder if anyone would wanna wear that in Singapore like a fashion iconic printed T shirt che guevara ?

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