Design Sojourn was engaged to conduct a 1-day workshop for stakeholders of Changi Airport Group, to create “Conversational Messages” for signages within Changi Airport.  This workshop was designed as a quick sprint to ensure good outcomes that can be translated into solutions at a later stage.

To understand how visitors of Changi Airport use signages, our team brought the stakeholders through an empathic ethnographic activity that allowed participants to put themselves in the shoes of the people who will engage the signage.

Stakeholders became design researchers for the day, with the help of our proprietary “Discover” tools, to gather insights through observations and short interviews. These insights were then translated into concepts and finally prototypes through iterative rounds of brainstorming and validation.



The result was a series of signage prototypes that delivered their messages in a fun and friendly manner. Selected concepts are to be further developed with the help of the client’s graphic designer for the next round of judging and presentation.

Status: Completed (12 Aug 2016)

Competence: Design Thinking Workshops, Experience and Service Design