Playeum – Process and Productivity Improvement

Playeum – Process and Productivity Improvement
Project Scope

Playeum is Singapore’s first Children’s Centre for Creativity. Within their space, children can play, create and be inspired by hands-on exhibitions and workshops.

In addition to the usual family visitors,  Playeum regularly receives visits from school groups.  As these school groups can go up to over 60 students and parents, managing these groups is a challenging task especially if they take a booking a day.  The Playeum team had staff dedicate a lot of time to coordinate the booking needs of such groups as well as ensure the availability of Playeum staff to work with such groups.  Much of this activity was done manually.

To streamline this process for Playeum, Design Sojourn conducted a series of workshops and observations to fully understand their customer’s booking process and the implications the bookings had on staffing and manpower.  Design Sojourn’s approach was to fix the human problems first before we found software to automate repetitive processes.

Playeum – Process and Productivity Improvement

Our team then delved into a search for a cost-effective online software solution that could be tweaked to automate and streamline Playeum’s booking and staff scheduling processes.  As Playeum was a charity, sourcing for off the shelf solutions was a preferred course of action to expensive customised software.

After narrowing down to the best software solution that could meet Playeum’s needs, Design Sojourn went through an iterative process with Playeum’s team to test the software with their customers.  Then based on their feedback, we created the final booking solution.  This can be seen as a booking form that is currently embedded on their website.

Playeum – Process and Productivity Improvement

As a result of our new booking and scheduling solution, the time taken to manage each group booking decreased by 75%, while the time taken for Playeum staff scheduling decreased by 85%. The Playeum team can now focus their energies on what they do best – providing an engaging and stimulating environment where children can play, learn and grow.

Our journey with Playeum was captured in a video of successful case studies below.

Status: Completed (June 2016 to July 2017)

Competence: Consulting, Design Thinking, Experience and Service Design

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