Transforming a Business with Service Design



SCL System is an SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) in the business of trading and distributing control and automation components used in building infrastructure for the last 18 years.

With many of their competitors going online, SCL finds it difficult to remain competitive in a saturated market selling (essentially) a commodity to cost-sensitive over-served customers.

In an attempt to grow the business and differentiate themselves, SCL has been working on creating their own unique offerings including a platform that allows users to monitor devices and systems remotely.

Unfortunately, the challenges still remain, cost-sensitive customers were not open to this new technology which was new, and more expensive upfront with savings in the longer term.

Furthermore, their Sales team was used to a “cost plus” sales strategy that involved pushing sales volumes to sustain and grow the business.

Design Sojourn was engaged by them to help them develop a new innovative business model that would help sell their new offerings, and at the same time improve their traditional business process.

The DS team started by shadowing of their company’s staff, to understand the culture, ways of working, existing business model and current approach to selling.  We also interviewed customers, users, and stakeholders to understand how they view our client and also how they saw the products purchased from SCL (right).

Having consolidated this research, the Design Sojourn team presented the findings and facilitated design thinking activities that led the company to rethink their business model.  Central to this involves shifting their mindset from one that was focused on product dominant logic to service dominant logic.

Beyond the prototyping, Design Sojourn worked with SCL to plan out the roadmap for developing their new service offerings. This included designing new processes, pricing models, and advice in setting up a new team within the company dedicated to driving these new offerings into the market.

The new business model was prototyped in an iterative process, to ensure that the best ideas were kept, improve and implemented.

Status: Completed (February 2017 to July 2017)
Competence: Business Strategy and Innovation, Design Thinking Consulting, Design and Ethnographic Research.