The Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) is a self-help group that formed to raise the academic level of Indian students. The hold various educational programmes within their premises such as IT, Robotics and Language and Literacy.

Design Sojourn was engaged by SINDA to improve the space utilisation of the rooms used for the above programmes. The aim was to reduce the number of rooms used from 3 to 2.

Through a series of interviews and observations, our team gain an understanding on the needs of users, the common uses for the room and corresponding requirements. This information helped to guide our recommendations on spatial allocations and furniture choices.



After brainstorming and bodystorming sessions with the SINDA team, the recommendation was to design 2 of the rooms to be modular and easily configurable to be able accommodate many different activities. The freed up room can be converted to other purposes, such as office space, saving the need to rent more space.

Testing of the 2 rooms will be conducted with users before the final implementation at the end of the year.

Status: Ongoing (October 2016 to Present)

Competence: Design Thinking Consulting, Spatial and Experience Design