THKMC – Validating the Integrated Geriatric Care Model

Project Scope

Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charity (THKMC) developed an Integrated Geriatric Care Model (IGCM) aims to better identify and monitor clients in the senior care sector to provide timely and appropriate interventions.  Through the IGCM, various services in THKMC (such as Family Service, Home Care Home Help Service, Therapy Service etc.) will be able to effectively collaborate to provide support and assessments for clients in a more holistic manner.

Despite the numerous benefits of the IGCM, there were many operational challenges faced by stakeholders on the ground:

  • Staff have a different understanding of how the IGCM is supposed to work.
  • Different service delivery requirements by governing agencies leads to complexity.
  • Heavy reliance on Case Leads to manage the program.
  • Service offerings do not work well together despite the integrated model.
  • Lack of SOPs standardisation between department and staff.
This made it hard for THKMC to scale the program and maintain the intended level of efficacy.  Design Sojourn was engaged to facilitate a series of design thinking workshops and ethnographic research activities (i.e. shadowing and interview sessions) to fully understand the current IGCM process, and how the different services and stakeholders interacted on the ground.  The objective was to validate the IGCM, identify where the service deliver gaps were and recommend ways to close the gaps.

Through the various workshops and ethnographic research activities, Design Sojourn was able to:

  • Identify gaps in the current IGCM processes.
  • Uncover user insights and important points in the client journey (smile points and pain points) where improvements can be made.
  • Identify innovation opportunities based on the insights gathered.
  • Illustrate the IGCM processes in a visually-friendly process/experience map to ensure internal alignment.

Moving forward, the THKMC team was able to better manage their IGCM processes, and iterate/refine their service strategies to better serve their clients.

Status: Completed (March 2022)
Competence: Design Thinking Advisory, Ethnographic Research, Experience and Service Design

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