How Design Thinking Powers Us

Our design thinking process unlocks creativity, solves complex problems, enhances customer experience, drives business growth, and fuels innovation. Our process prioritize stakeholder needs (internal and external) so that we can break down the most challenging problems, and deliver innovative business-ready solutions.

Orbital Process

We ask what is the big idea? Through this “big idea”, we determine the proposition and strategy.


We deep dive into our client’s DNA, identify their needs and objectives, and understand their customers and stakeholders through observation and research.


Through synthesising and reframing, we create a design framework that sets the tonality of the solution and maps the way forward for the design project.


Through a number of activities such as brainstorming and ideation, rapid prototyping and validation, we find the best ideas to move forward with.


We bring the design to life by managing change for smooth transitions, using service blueprints for seamless experiences, and improving processes for greater efficiency.

What You Can Expect From Us

Revolutionise your organisation with our design thinking consultants. We blend creativity and pragmatic business sense to deliver dynamic solutions that surpass expectations. 

From ideation to execution, our team bridges the gap between design and business to create results that are not only desirable but also feasible and viable. 

Partner with us to take your brand to the next level.

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