Restarting the Design Entrepreneurship Push

Astute readers may remember a while back I was looking at creating my own personal industrial design project titled something like “Creating the iPod beater, oh really?”

You can read the back ground info here: Industrial Design 101, Industrial Design 102, and Industrial Design 103.
Well the project has not gone very far, cos after talking with a few manufacturers, as well as looking at the range of product offerings available in the market, I have decided to throw in the towel on this project. Honestly I had to admit to myself that I could not design or craft a component layout that made it any better than what iRiver, Zune, Scandisk and Apple is already producing. Also the design budgets required were just too much for a single person to handle. That’s probably why Apple is a corporation?
Anyways, together with changing personal work arrangements and my linking up with Phunk Studio to craft another interesting product design, it made perfect sense to consolidate lower priority design projects. Furthermore this new project with Phunk currently has no competitor in the market at all. So this is a perfect opportunity to re-start a discussion on this new product’s design development here at Design Sojourn. So do stay tuned to find out what it is?


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