Brand and Ethnographic (Human) Research

Our clients have tapped on the Brand and Ethnographic (Human) Research scheme to solve targeted and pressing business problems.


We believe that insights derived from thorough research form the basis for meaningful innovation. Through a deep dive into the needs and constraints of end users, we help our clients identify gaps and opportunities for their business/organisation.

Design Sojourn provides Qualitative Research services such as User Interviews, Focus Groups and User Observation.

After this activity is completed, it is recommended that the client expand and validate the idea generated through a more extensive program such as the Business Innovation Programme (Strategy).



Human Resources (HR)

Financial Management

Design Sojourn is one of the a participating Service Providers who can offer the following service module(s):

  • Capability Area
  • Innovation

  • Service Module
  • Customer Insights

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore

See how we helped The Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore conduct research that led to decisions made on resource allocation, pastoral work and activities.

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We have helped organizations leverage on the Design Led Innovation to make people’s lives better.