Spine Chilling Design : The Art of the Shiv

What you may ask is this?

Wood strip; five large razor blades glued into one side; six small razor blades glued into other and wrapped with boxing tape, rubylith and clear tape; handle wrapped with boxing tape.

This is make-shift weapon is called a Shiv. They are created by prisoners in high-security prisons with only a few daily items they have access to, like spoons, combs, shoelaces, and items they can scavenge like broken metal strips or glass. They are part of a collection of Shivs hosted at Design Observer in the form of a slide show.

Looking at the slide show just gave me the chills. Being a pacifist at heart, the simple pictures were enough to make me wonder about the violence the item had witnessed.

The way these images pulled at my imagination, had far more impact than any violent movie could.

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