Tachikoma in the field

I love Ghost in the Shell and all its technology gizmos, thus in line with this month’s military theme, have a look at these Tachikoma in the field from Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex (SAC).

Ahh the lovable Tachikoma are the mechanical sidekick of the main characters in Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex. They are a kind of single seat tank that fulfils multiple combat roles, including fire support, host protection, infiltration (via a Klingon styled cloaking device), and petting cats.
The last being the result of the machines accidentally using “natural” machine oil and thus started to obtain a greater intelligence and human like traits of courage, loyalty and self-sacrifice. Thus towards the end of the show the Tachikoma started to engage in more human activities hence the inspiration towards this photo set.
Via: Aendirect


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