We are looking for Junior Experience Designers! (Closed)

    The hiring for this position is now officially closed! Design Sojourn is a Design Led Innovation Consultancy that loves to inspire, impact and create better lives. We are currently looking for smart, dynamic, self-motivated Junior Experience Designers with strong verbal/written communication skills and a natural inclination in


Design Thinking Experts Fill In Gaps Between Steps

How do you identify the best Design Thinkers? Separate the men from the mice? They can fill in the gaps between the steps. Design Thinking has been expressed as codifying how designers think. However, when a process gets codified, the tendency is to simplify it for the purpose of


Fighting the Status Quo

Many of us, stuck in the trenches of Design Thinking, have to challenge the status quo. We have to convince, cajole, or fight with people to effect change.  Change goes against established Orthodoxies or cultural norms, thus you would have likely heard a lot of: "Son, this


(Re)building Trust in the Healthcare System

Earlier this month, it was reported that 22 patients in a renal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have been infected with the deadly hepatitis C virus. 4 have since died. The current prognosis is that it was likely due to cross-contamination


Adopting the Simulation Mindset in Design

One of the key activities in Design Thinking is doing design. Hence the irony that Design Thinking actually involves design doing. Not exactly in what designers do, but brainstorming solutions, prototyping them, learning and validating, iterating and improving. Rinse and repeat. I like


What is the Value of Design?

The British Design Council has found that every £1 spent on design gives you over £20 in increased revenue, £4 increased profit and £5 in increased exports. A very nice and handy statistic to be liberally used in your next discussion with a business