How to Work From Home as a Designer

  If you have been working from home the past year or so, you are not alone!   As you know, since the Covid-19 pandemic erupted, remote working has started to become a norm (due to safe management measures to mitigate the risk of wide-spreading the virus). You


We are looking for Junior Experience Designers! (Closed)

    The hiring for this position is now officially closed! Design Sojourn is a Design Led Innovation Consultancy that loves to inspire, impact and create better lives. We are currently looking for smart, dynamic, self-motivated Junior Experience Designers with strong verbal/written communication skills and a natural inclination in


The Design Thinking Process Paradox

Designers or Design Thinkers often like to think that they require a certain level of “freedom” to allow their creativity to flourish.  Indeed, the best ideas come when the mind is free from distractions: particularly in places like the shower or when you are just


Zero to One: Find a Niche and Own it!

I really like Zero to One by Peter Thiel.  So much so, that I'm slowly reading it chapter by chapter to internalize the information. If you are interested in how game-changing strategies behind new products and services are conceptualized, this book is for you.  I particularly like his


Is Your Business Ready for Innovation?

Some of you might be familiar with the Diffusion of Innovation. It is a theory that seeks to explain how new ideas and technology spread and is typically used to explain consumers’ adoption of technology. Through our course of work, we’ve come to realise this


What is Design Worth? A Masterclass on Design’s Value

  Our partners Methodology.sg is running an awesome Masterclass workshop called: DESIGN LEADERSHIP: How to Identify and Communicate the Value of Design. Details as follows: Design as a Strategy is the next big thing. Enlightened companies such as Apple, Dyson and PepsiCo have bet on Design and won. But to


(Re)building Trust in the Healthcare System

Earlier this month, it was reported that 22 patients in a renal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have been infected with the deadly hepatitis C virus. 4 have since died. The current prognosis is that it was likely due to cross-contamination


Is this the End of Windows?

Great article by Benedict Evans who shares a lot of good information on why Microsoft is going to die. The apps that people want on smartphones are not being written for desktop Windows anyway. Uber doesn't have a desktop Windows app, and neither does Instacart, Pinterest


Dealing with Feedback

150706.creativecritics-550x402 Tom Fishburne shares a pretty funny comic on how to give and receive feedback. While this is from a Marketing standpoint, we can (as designers) also learn from this.