Design by Making the Unconscious Conscious

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"人が無意識の状態でやってしまってることに興味があって、そこにはめこんだほうが、モノが素直にとけ込んでいくのではないかと考えたりする。自然にやることの行為の断片に、その“人となり“みたいなものがでてくることがある。デザインはそこまで考えた上で、非常に客観的な立場をとっていなければいけないということ" ~ Naoto Fukasawa in 2007
"What people do unconsciously decides how naturally a thing should be designed, because at times, a person's character can be seen in his unconscious deeds. A designer must take all that into account and


5 Things I Wish for in 2010?

Dawn is too early Image by Rob Warde Wow what a year 2009 was? We got hit right in the face by the economic down turn and designers all over the world were falling like flies as companies cut R&D or design


How to Present like a Pro!

This article was originally written for Yanko Design (YD). As there are some Design Sojourn readers don’t really frequent YD, I thought it would make sense to republished the article here. Looking forward to all your comments.
<img src="https://designsojourn.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/brian-ling-presentation-open-room1.jpg" alt="brian-ling-presentation-open-room" title="brian-ling-presentation-open-room" width="520" height="334" class="aligncenter size-full


Summary of Day 1 at The Icsid Design Congress 2009

As promised here are some of the highlights of Day 1 of the Icsid Design Congress 2009. I've summarized all the best points and significant comments. Unfortunately, I won’t cover all the content as it will just be too much. Also, I've


Notefolio folder by Poketo

I’m a man who loves his folders. Every since I started school, I always had a little fetish for those Japanese made frosted Polypropylene folders, especially those with refillable pages. I’m not sure why, but I guess it was probably the unusually silky but rough