How Companies Kill Innovation

Innovation, and even Design Thinking, often gets killed by organizational processes or internal politics. Here is a really cool cartoon that shows you how it happens so that at least, we can all be vigilant.


Design is also a Recursive Activity

When we iterated in a Design Process, it is actually a refinement activity where one evolution gives way to the next evolution. However when developing a design, especially when the design is complex, a simple iteration does not deal with the myriad of other


Design Manifesto 2012

When Tim Brown said that ”design is getting big again”, he meant that Design is moving (or has moved, in my humble opinion) from a form giving exercise and into the boardroom where is have become


Dumpling Steamer by Jia

This Dumpling Steamer by Hong Kong based Homeware maker Jia (It means "Home" in Mandarin) really appeals to me. They have managed to reinterpret and modernize this iconic product, and yet still maintain its simplicity,


Design is a Connector in Business

Ton Borsboom, my ex-colleague at GE/Fitch (a General Electric and Fitch joint venture in Asia), and now Senior Director at Philips Design Consulting, shares his view about how design and designers need to be connectors in today's business by reaching across all touch points and