Nimble Design Firms should Do Good

So it seems that Frog's Chief Creative Officer, Mark Rolston, has left to start Argo a "new type" of design firm that is a hybrid mix of design agency, incubator and product development group. With argo, Rolston is looking to create a nimble design group that


Counter-Intuitive Rules of Design

Kontra over at counternotions writes:

There are many counterintuitive ‘rules’ in product design, these two are among the most intractable: • The more successful a product, the harder it’s to upgrade. • The more users say they want a product update, the more they complain when the change


Build Ecosystems not Products

It is commonly known that Apple does not use user-centered research to help the Business determine what they should create or do next. They go one better. They build "playing fields" wide enough for people to do as they please.

Apple has recognized what


How to Get your Designs into MoMa?

Paula Antonelli indirectly answers the question "What makes good design?” by sharing some of MoMa's selection criteria. <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"