A Blueprint for Design Education 2.0

I often like to get myself into a spot of teaching, collaborating with and critiquing students. I find it enhances and consolidates what I have learned in my career in Design. I do recommend that designers, especially the senior ones, take some time


Get around Earth Hour with the Lightway!

solarpanel_wideweb__470x4640.jpg Image Source: SMH. Photo by Andrew Meares. Damien Savio, an Australian Industrial Design student, designed for his final year project, a window panel that can absorb sunlight during the day, and at night become a light. Apparently his design is


Oh No! Another Design Bites the Dust…

Image by pmorgan There often comes a time when designers gather around, give each other hugs, pass the tissues, and say farewell to the fruits of their labor. Saying farewell to designs that did not make it. Kidding aside, this is one


The Un-p3 Project Update

brian- ling-un-p3-project It has been a good number of months since the I've last updated my readers on the status of this project. Firstly though I like to apologize to a few of this project's supporters for this delay but I have