Better Surfboard Designs!

thomas-mayerhoffer-surfboards Thomas Meyerhoffer, a former designer at Apple, did what any designer would do when he was not happy with a product. He created his own. In Thomas' case it was his love for surfing and


Innovation? What a waste of time!

Gadi Amit, president of NewDealDesign, writes at The Fast Company Blog that Innovation (or Design Thinking?), as championed by the likes of Bruce Nussbaum (BusinessWeek's Design Blog) and David Kelly (IDEO), is "killing" Industrial Design by forcing an "analytical structure" over something that is


Apple's iPhone Strategy is Now Clear

I'm sure many of us "poo-pooed" Apple's first generation iPhone as sorely lacking in the technology department. However, no one can doubt the buzz the impending launch of the iPhone OS version 3.0 has created. On the flip side, if we can look


The Best "Products" Have Really Simple Strategies

There must be a gazillion websites out there on the internet, and subsequently thousands that aggregating or collecting the best stuff from it. The problem is, "product" offerings like Technorati, Plaxo life-streams, FriendFeeds, Digg, PopUrls, Design-Feeds, Design Float etc., all run information through you


The Strategy Paradox

The Strategy Paradox is an interesting book written by Michael Raynor on why certain strategies adopted by certain companies are successful and why some are not. Interesting simply because it directly reflects what I am facing in my industry. However the replies he


Free Pitching is alive and well.

Yes ladies and gents, free pitching is alive and well and endorsed at Business Week. Bruce Nussbaum thought it innovative to do design by inviting 3 design greats (IDEO, Stone Yamashita, and Modernista) to submit magazine concepts for his new Inside Innovation Magazine.