Dealing with Feedback

150706.creativecritics-550x402 Tom Fishburne shares a pretty funny comic on how to give and receive feedback. While this is from a Marketing standpoint, we can (as designers) also learn from this.


Design is also a Recursive Activity

When we iterated in a Design Process, it is actually a refinement activity where one evolution gives way to the next evolution. However when developing a design, especially when the design is complex, a simple iteration does not deal with the myriad of other


20 Ways to Protect and Nurture Design

Lorna Ross, a design manager at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation (That's a place I would love to visit!), shares with Helen Walters insights on running a small design team within a very large organization. Lots of great tips and insights filled with wisdom


Apple's True Legacy

Harry Marks writes a very insightful piece on what Apple has done or will do for the computing industry in a Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud environment.

To some, it means Apple has locking you in to its “walled garden”. To others, the company is giving


Designing with your Clients

I love it when someone writes a blog post for me. Well not officially anyway. You see I was going to write a blog post about Designing with your Clients. I was going to tell you, for example, how it is not that bad,


Design is Really Business Risk Management

When I talk to clients about budgets required to bring good design to the table, I get a lot of interesting looks and comments from them that imply one thing: they feel that design is a risky part of their business. You see, what business people


F*ck You. Pay Me. (nsfw)

The ever-witty Mike Monteiro, famous for his potty mouth, shared at a recent San Francisco Creative Mornings talk, the ups and downs of running a design business. For example, dealing with problems such as getting clients to pay up, getting comfortable with


Minding our Own Business

Let the design team be the design experts. Your job is to be the business expert. Ask them how their design solutions meet your business goals. If you trust your design team, and they can explain how their recommendations map to those goals, you’re fine.


The Future of Computing is Tablets and More!

This awesome infographic (after the jump below), created by the team at Focus, predicts that Tablets (iPad et al.) will be the future of computing. According to the data, 14% of online shoppers intent to purchase an iPad in the next five months.


Traits of Successful Design Managers

frog manager Source: Frog Design
I realized that a Design Manager is not an easy role to play in today's design industry. How a design team gels together is very much affected by how the "boss" manages them. More often than not, I see