This is why Large Corporations need to INNOVATE or DIE

In the recent months two significant technological driven disruptive events have happen that could bring about the downfall of two of Singapore's largest corporations. Singtel, or Singapore Telecoms, is the first and biggest Telco (they own all the infrastructure) and Comfort one of the


Invent Singapore Conference 2008

Today I presented "What is Design?" at the Invent Singapore Conference 2008, Design for Life workshop. I had a really great time as we had a really friendly audience that asked great questions. As promised to my audience, I have uploaded my


Conducting Workshop at Invent Singapore 2008

I have been invited to conduct a Workshop called "Design for Life" at the Invent Singapore Conference 2008 this Saturday 16 Aug 2008 at 2pm and also at 4pm. Invent Singapore is a convention like no other, where innovators, inventors and the business community come together


The Importance of a Design Identity in Asia

This morning I was watching the News show on TV when they had a little chat session with some artists visiting to promote The Asian International Art Exhibition. One thing that hit me was: Each piece is an artistic expression that embodies the culture and history