We should Ban the Word Innovation

Scott Berkun, author of "The Myths of Innovation", shares on the Economist why we should all ban the word innovation. He writes:

Einstein, Ford, Picasso and Edison rarely said the word innovation and neither should you. Every Fortune 500 crowd I've said this to


Strategy's Golden Rule

Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab, writes:

What your fiercest rival does badly, do incredibly well.
It makes so perfect sense, that it is painful when people don't seem to follow it. Anyone who is serious about winning starts of by looking at how


Why are there so few truly remarkable products?

It's quite simple really. Our industrialized economy, founded on mass manufacturing and economies of scale spurred by consumerism, is the greatest enemy of remarkable products. Of course many products will come close, in fact many will be hailed as fantastic or even great, but the truly remarkable


Is Six Sigma an Enemy of Design?

A while ago I worked with a colleague that was a huge fan of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a set of statistical and analytical tools use to measure and track the efficiency of a business or operations. My colleague was fanatical in