Design Methods for Everyone

I have always enjoyed discussing Design Methods and frequently use Damien Newman's Squiggle as a means to visually describe the Design or Design Thinking process. But how do you describe the feeling when you are knee deep in the process? How do you sort yourself


What is the Value of Design?

The British Design Council has found that every £1 spent on design gives you over £20 in increased revenue, £4 increased profit and £5 in increased exports. A very nice and handy statistic to be liberally used in your next discussion with a business


Business Design Toolkit

Our Design Led Innovation client consulting or facilitation sessions often involves a business diagnostic activity, that is split into something I fondly call: hard and soft diagnostics. A hard diagnostic, aptly called as it covers hard financial numbers,


Orthodoxies in the Hotel Industry

This is interesting. On the 5th of March, Marriott International launched their Moxy brand of hotels at the Berlin International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF). It is their first entry into the economy (read budget) 3 start hospitality segment that will span 150 Hotels in 10


Design Thinking, Creativity and Synthesis

Creativity is relational. Its practice is mostly about casting widely and connecting disparate dots of existing knowledge in new, meaningful ways. To be creative, you’ve got to mine your knowledge. You have to know your dots. - Bruce Nussbaum
One of the things that I do


IDEO founder David Kelley is on 60 Minutes

In a nice little interview on 60 Minutes, David Kelley shares his thoughts on IDEO, Design Thinking and Steve Jobs. The Design Thinking bit is very simplified, but some of the key points are there. You might have already seen it, but if