The Dark Side of Design

Lego Darth Vader Image by Balakov This is my second article, that I wrote for Yanko Design (YD). As I know some Design Sojourn readers don't really frequent YD, I have decided to republish and keep a record of the article


20 Tips for Designers to Beat the Recession

This article was originally published on Yanko Design. As I know some Design Sojourn readers don't really frequent YD, I thought it might be a good idea to republish it here as well. I have also re-edited some of the text to


Are you Reading, Thinking or Doing?

We can’t get good at something solely by reading about it. And we’ll never make giant leaps in any endeavor by treating it like a snack food that we munch on whenever we’re getting bored. You get good at something by doing it repeatedly. And


10 Tips on landing you an Industrial Design Job

Originally published on 20 April, 2006. Edit 1: Updated 25 Aug 2007 Edit 2: Updated 16 Nov 2008. This has to be one of the "classics" here at Design Sojourn, and a post that got me noticed in the blogosphere! Here it is updated again for 2008!


A Good Design Makes your Mind BLINK!

(This post was updated and edited. The original was published on the 19 Dec, 2005!) John Maeda, formerly from MIT Media Labs, and now RISD President, spoke about how "good art makes our mind blink". John was referencing Malcolm Gladwell's Blink with his art


A Designer's Secret Weapon: Active Listening

Image Source: Listen to ME! One of the key skills I noticed great designers have is the ability to engage in Active Listening. I was lucky. I managed to pick up this skill 6-7 years ago in a training seminar and it has been vital in


More Stefan on TED

Last time I wrote about Stefan's book and how I bought one. Here he is again, in a short blurb on TED, where he runs through some of the things he has learn in his life so far. Oh, a kind person has compiled what Stefan has


Sketching is Offically Back, Finally

I have always been saying here on Design Sojourn that sketching is an important design and communication skill to have, I would say even more than any CAD skill of sorts. Importantly, in the last few years, I've seen more and more design companies